Hear that? It’s your client talking about you again.

You’d be very surprised at how often I find clients shooting in the dark when it comes to following their customers.  They spend lots of money, time and effort taking their best shot at guessing what customers want to buy and how they want to buy it.  They ask everyone about this, gather all their data, read books and attend seminars — they include every input but one.  Their customer!

I used the term, ‘…following their customers’  above for a very good reason.  Lots of buisnesses get into difficulty, not because their customers stop coming but because they stop following their customers.   Period!

Think about it.  When was the last time you checked in on your customers’ top-of-mind thinking about why they buy from you as well as what else & where else they’re buying similar products and services.  Can you imagine any customer being offended if you were to say, “I want to make your experience with us even better.  What else would interest you when you think of us?”

Listen to them.  Listen to lots of them.  Stay ahead of them and anticipate what they’ll be needing before your competition does.  Most often, what they tell you will be what you need to hear.  And, best of all, the information is free!

Listen to your customers to save your business.  It’s worth a conversation.  *****

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