Align to your customer, not to your org chart

Beneath every revenue success, you’ll find an alignment of personal wins.  Designing your team’s efforts around your customers first, not your internal job assignments, can really go far in creating great team habits — and, in creating loyal, high-value customers!

A book entitled “Corporate Kinetics”, written by partners at Deloitte Consulting in the late 90’s, truly crystallized what corporations had previously struggled to grasp:  reorganize your customer-facing teams in a dynamic web so the right teammates step up to address each customer’s unique need or request, then relax back to the web in anticipation of the next customer.  Instead of customer-facing teams stacked in product silos or separated by P&L designations, they are positioned to maximize the customer experience and minimize the service event time.  Futuristic, you say?  Probably.


But large companies are coming closer to this model each year.  Advancing technology and demanding customers are pulling this effort forward.  Not to be left out, the  ability of smaller businesses to align their teams according to customer needs should not be ignored — you don’t need 1000’s of employees and millions of customers to make it worthwhile.

Ask yourself, “When was the last time I took a hard look at what my customer’s major needs are why they do business with me?”  Not just who’s buying and what they’re buying but what makes it easy for them to do business with you.
Are you aligned with your customers needs?   It’s worth a conversation. 
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