Meet Doug Quackenbush

Doug Quackenbush is a business leader who has spent his career taking new ideas to market, and a coach who helps other leaders grow their businesses.  He is also an author and speaker who shares proven formulas for generating revenue and profit in tough economic times and in bullish ones.

In corporate and consulting roles, Doug has helped teams achieve revenue goals and improve operating performances within Fortune 1000 companies including Hewlett Packard, The Mayo Clinic, Ford, and UPS. His responsibilities as both a national and global director have gained him over 18 years of experience that he puts to use in helping local businesses gain the same leading-edge advantages typically found in multi-national giants.

As a business coach, Doug has helped teams grow product-, service-, and non-profit based organizations by aligning their leadership practices, revenue-generation strategies, and daily operating performance to meet customers’ most pressing needs.  He has advised clients within retail, banking, high-tech, publishing, fine art, marketing agencies, and the HR management-services industry.  He has coached more than 60 leaders and their management teams who own and operate multiple businesses and franchises throughout North America.  He has conducted over 7,000 coaching sessions with executives seeking leadership skills and organizational insights for advancing their company growth and market share.

Doug is founder of The Business Compass, a consulting firm comprised of trusted advisors and creative resources all dedicated to helping small and mid-sized businesses reach their full potential.  The firm’s coaching program, Ideas into Action, guides individuals and organizations to set new priorities for tough economic times—and to make a better living at what they love to do.


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