Coaching and Seminars


BUSINESS Coaching (custom tailored)  —  A combination of one-on-one leadership coaching and performance consulting that supports you in your business, from executing high-level strategies to more effective marketing to improved sales close rates.  It’s all about putting the best ideas into action, then delivering incredible customer service, that keeps them there.

$1,499 minimum each month + Material costs.
3 – 12 months with Performance Coaching to follow consulting projects.
Project managment of contracted partners as necessary.
  • Proposal-approved that identifies the time frames and results to be achieved.
  • Delivered by The Business Compass team of professionals, assigned by project need.
  • A partnership where our team and yours work side-by-side so knowledge and new processes are transferred seamlessly.
  • Starts with a FREE 1/2 –DAY ASSESSMENT of your business needs and our ability to deliver the right solutions.  We want to be sure that we’re the right team for the job!
LEADERSHIP One-On-One Coaching – Weekly                  
An aggressive pace, tailored for leaders who want to move their efforts and guidance “from good to as great as they desire them to be” by discovering what it takes to think like a leader, to influence like a leader and to drive a business through good economies and bad.  Leadership is a mind-set and a style, not just a management skill.

$499/month       6-Month Contract Commitment       12-month Program

  • Weekly 30-minute calls, minimum 40 calls/year
  • Bi-weekly Newsletter
  • Free 24/7 access to “Ideas Into Action” Blog
  • Monthly Group Conference Call (1-hr) on the Relevant Topics for Today’s Leaders.
PERFORMANCE One-On-One Coaching – Bi-Weekly 
Same as above but at a biweekly pace designed to discover the leader within you and how to put your personal strengths first as you reshape your business and leadership efforts.  Performance is about focusing on your purpose.

$249/month       6-Month Contract Commitment       12-month Program

  • Bi-Weekly 30-minute calls; minimum 24 calls/year
  • Bi-Weekly Newsletter
  • Free 24/7 Access to “Ideas Into Action” Blog
  • Monthly Group Conference Call (1-hr) on Relevant Topics for Today’s Leaders
We deliver our Business and Individualized Programs with passion.  So, be ready to roll up your sleeves. Your most important goals become the destinations for road maps we’ll develop with you.  Then, we’ll partner together to stay on track in achieving those goals.  Not getting there is not an option!

All of our clients…

  • participate at a high level; it’s through your strengths & skills where we’ll self-discover the best ideas for you.  This is about making you empowered with exactly what you need, not about the processes and systems that we can deliver.
  • are assigned “homework” to be completed in between coaching calls; we know you have a business to run and relationships to manage – we also know how powerful coaching can be when the goal is to deliberately place into action new self-disciplines and operational habits.  This is where we mentor you to take those big leaps over barriers that wait in your path.
  • contact us in between calls when they’re stuck or in need of some brainstorming; building new habits  and techniques can be tough; we don’t want the time between calls to unravel all the good work you’ll be doing.  Our goal is to coach you to unlimited achievements.
  • from time to time, invite colleagues onto their call when issues can best be addressed as a group; The Business Compass is all about you.  “Custom-fitting” will be our burden, not yours.
  • receive research from us as added value to relevant coaching topics or issues; The Internet has become the world’s most powerful data source – we’ll use it to support you in all we do.
  • take our agreed-upon coaching call times very seriously – in ink, in their calendars.  A missed call can be made up when we notify one another in advance; otherwise, make-ups will not be rescheduled.  We understand that surprises can happen.  Self-discipline includes being on time.
  • sometimes engage in issues that can’t be addressed in a 30-minute call.  That’s when coach and client agree upon a follow-up session, as soon as can be scheduled.  Loose ends never help.
  • utilize our book list to supplement their coaching calls.  There are a lot of other great thinkers out there and we want to leverage all we can.  “Reinventing the wheel” will waste our time.
  • appreciate that regular reviews of our progress together is a healthy part of real coaching.  We both want to be assured that we’re committed to our progress.  Review keeps us both honest.
  • understand that leadership, performance and revenue coaching lessons spill over onto who you are and how the world perceives you.  Self-discipline, mind-set shifts, and using your curiosity to try new things in new ways are all transferrable to your life.  There really is no way to separate who you are from what you accomplish.
REVENUE Group Coaching – Bi-Weekly               
Taking ideas and discovering how to put them into action to achieve target revenue goals; to learn your best ways to move your business from growth to steady achievement.  Revenue is about prioritizing, then, acting on those things that mean the most.
$50/client/month 3- 6 Persons       6-Month Contract Commitment
6-month Program Groups are launched when registrations warrant new formations.  Group sizes can be expanded to accommodate members from same organizations.  These groups dig into ideas for action – not just sharing information that’s nice to know.  You’re with The Business Compass: “Ideas Into Action”. 
  • Bi-Weekly 1-hour calls
  • Bi-Weekly Newsletter
  • Blog Updates
  • Monthly Group Conference Call
  • Teaming together on homework assignments that reinforce the coaching
  • Learning, discovering, and doing the things that will prepare you for PERFORMANCE Coaching.
Monthly Group Conference Calls — FREE but you must Register
A Call Schedule is posted and updated regularly on this web site.
Available to all of our coaching clients and their guests; a forum for presenting current ideas and approaches in support of you, your business and your relationships.
  • Topics chosen by The Business Compass specifically for its clients.
  • Celebrity interviews regarding their books, experiences and best practices.
  • Interactive discussions and questions from our listening audience.
  • A relaxing oasis where the talk is for you to hear and to enjoy.  Put your feet up each month
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