Align to your customer, not to your org chart

Beneath every revenue success, you’ll find an alignment of personal wins.  Designing your team’s efforts around your customers first, not your internal job assignments, can really go far in creating great team habits — and, in creating loyal, high-value customers!

A book entitled “Corporate Kinetics”, written by partners at Deloitte Consulting in the late 90’s, truly crystallized what corporations had previously struggled to grasp:  Read more »

Hear that? It’s your client talking about you again.

You’d be very surprised at how often I find clients shooting in the dark when it comes to following their customers.  They spend lots of money, time and effort taking their best shot at guessing what customers want to buy and how they want to buy it.  They ask everyone about this, gather all their data, read books and attend seminars — they include every input but one.  Their customer! Read more »

Why it’s about customer needs, not your strengths

In a service business, prioritize based on client needs, not on your strengths.  But, how about the retail business — it’s not service-based, or, is it?

In the retail business, especially in the apparel business, shop owners all know one very important fact: “Get to know your customers’ life styles if you want loyalty and repeat sales.”   Unless you’re a t-shirt shop on a Hawaiian beach, following life styles is critical.

The retail example goes one step further in teaching us about our high-value customers.  Read more »

The Secret of Value Pricing

It’s about the value to their life, not your low price.

The Secret of Customer Spending

Customer’s spend on their lives, not on your lines.