Time Mgmnt is Overrated!

Everywhere I turn these days, I find books, videos and articles that drone on about the wisdom of time management.  The wisdom of time blocking; the benefits of specific times for specific tasks; the discipline of securing time for the most important things.

There certainly is benefit in all these concepts.  I acknowledge that.  But, here is the downfall to letting time be the master of your day: it doesn’t guarantee the completeness or quality in how you use it.  It simply limits how long you’ll be focused on something before it forcibly moves you to the next thing.

Here’s a better approach.  Let your objective be your master and make time the measuring stick for how much more efficiently you can get things done.  Sounds backwards, I know, but isn’t your goal to always finish the most important things to do, not just assign them a time slot and hope for the best? Read more »

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