Results above efforts

Read the Signs

Nowadays, it seems that everywhere you turn, there is a motivational organization urging you to their upcoming workshop – each kicks off their big event by having you list your annual goals, those giant achievements that will change your life.  Then, after a few hours of inspiration and visualization, you’re to “feel” what it would be like after accomplishing those goals.   A valuable exercise for most but only part of what the full exercise should be.

In both your business and personal life, you’ll never be satisfied to manage your visualized goals — you really want to manage for results by breaking down those annual goals into sub-goals, actions and events that create relevant achievements.  String enough of them together and you’re on your way.  The excitement is in the journey.  Reaching the destination is the place for calm relief.

At The Business Compass, we “Read the Signs” as we go, an actionable phrase that gives you control over observing and measuring how well progress is being made.

Ideas without actions are “daydreams.”

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