Know who you are

Will your chosen path really get you where you want to end up?

There are two big questions that I like to place on the table at the outset of my business consulting to help my clients improve their brand and grow their market share:

  1. What is your company all about?  (Who are you?)
  2. What do your customers get when they do business with you? (What is your value?)

It’s very hard to set a direction for your business if you can’t answer these questions.  And, it’s additionally hard if the answers to these questions aren’t the same answers your customers would give.  Any gap will tell you a lot about yourself as well as how your customers think of you.

You can set direction by simply doing what your competitors are doing – reasonably safe in the assumption that if they can create customers, so can you.  But, be ready to compete on price and to gain very little customer loyalty.

Better to be in partnership with your customers so that “who you are” and “what you do” are exactly what they need.

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