Why priorities are key

Set your revenue goals

Which goals mean the most to your business?

How do you prioritize to determine what the most important things to be doing are at any time?

What goals have you listed that, if you were to ignore them, probably wouldn’t have that much affect on your business or personal direction?  Do you have any like that? Then, ask yourself, “Why do I have them on my list?” You’d be surprised to learn how often business owners keep their eye on older, out-of-date metrics that don’t offer meaningful control.

Working toward short-term and long-term results together allows our eyes to watch both horizons.  Focus only on short-term sales risks and you miss out on upcoming major events or milestones.  Focus only on the long-term and risk missing sales closings or cash flow requirements.

Either way, set your revenue goals and place them on your dashboard.  What gets monitored gets improved.


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