How the Programs work

 Leadership and Business Performance Coaching describe where we start with clients but don’t say much about their journey or where they end up as a result.
The cornerstones of The Business Compass programs are built for two paths: Leadership and Business Performance.

When we coach on Leadership, we help them on three wide topics:

1) setting the right long-term goals that give purpose, leave a legacy and create personal wealth, 

2) mastering the art of business to get the little things right for hitting revenue & growth targets, and

3) managing people and their weekly priorities so focus is on the most important things that will generate the right results.

Added topics are always part of specific coaching plans.  We’re ready to tackle them with you.  Mastering these three will take you a long way.

Our leadership clients sometimes describe their journey with us as “life coaching,” since we help them get what they want out of life—personally and professionally.  Clients remind us continually that they gain value just by knowing we’re there for them.  It’s not about our program – it’s about you growing forward.

When we coach individuals and teams to improve their Business Performance, we focus on three areas: 

1)       aligning internal ideas to customers’ needs,

2)       putting those ideas into action, and

3)       course correcting, as needed, to ensure results.

Our business performance clients say that our personalized program helped them move from good to great. It‘s not just about training skills; it’s about personal confidence.  And, it’s not just about reacting to clients and situations; it’s about anticipating and getting ahead of what needs to happen next.
As founder of the Business Compass, I have created a successful coaching practice that has placed me, once again, right where I want to be:  in a mentoring, teaching, and inspiring partnership with business leaders who want to make a difference.


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